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New technology provides individualized information for cancer treatment: OTS-Probes and OTS-Assay

A large number of cancer-related gene mutations has been reported, but these mutations do not occur randomly, instead, some sets of mutations have been found many times.

Quantdetect has designed and developed technologies to identify and quantify such recurrent mutations among cancer patients. These technologies, called OTS-Probes and OTS-Assay, have made it possible to track the amount of tumor in the body just by drawing blood.

OTS is an abbreviation for Off-The-Shelf, referring to technologies that prompt your cancer treatment. The OTS-Probes are our originally developed reagents for digital PCR, one of the most sensitive technologies for detecting cancer-related gene mutations. The OTS-Assay includes all steps necessary to quantify gene mutations using the OTS-Probes.

Quantdetect has many pre-made, ready-to-use digital PCR probes as our library. With OTS-Probes, an individualized probe for monitoring a patient’s tumor amount during the OTS-Assay is likely to be immediately available.

For Researchers


OTS-Assay first screens gene mutations from resected tissue, then measure the amount of the same gene mutation in the blood, namely circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Previous research has shown the following features:

Early relapse prediction

Elevated ctDNA indicates relapse earlier than currently used methods.

Treatment efficacy evaluation

The dynamics of ctDNA indicate treatment efficacy more objectively than currently used methods.

No relapse corroboration

Very low levels of ctDNA indicates no current relapse and a high likelihood of no relapse for some time.

Large digital PCR probe library

This library holds many individually designed DNA detection reagents.

For all cancer types

In principle, all cancer has some gene mutations. OTS-Assay is based on gene mutations. Therefore, OTS-Assay can be used for many cancer types.

Research & Practice

Implementing new technologies as research outcome

Research support
by crowdfunding

Funding project

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For cancer research institutions, pharmaceuticals,
and related companies

Quantdetect accepts blood or DNA samples for OTS-Assay on a Research-Use-Only basis. The assay examines whether the ctDNA from the samples reflects dynamics of the tumor amount in the body of a cancer patient who has received any type of cancer treatment. Please contact us if you have patient blood samples and relevant treatment information.

Further information

For cancer patients

Quantdetect currently provides OTS-Assay on Research-Use-Only basis, except for the Laboratory Developed Test (LDT), which will be available soon at the following institutes, hospitals, and clinics.

Iwate Medical University Hospital

Other institutions, hospitals, and clinic

Coming soon.

Further information

Cancer insurance

Some insurance programs may reimburse charges from the OTS-Assay.
Please check if your insurance is applicable.
*The name of the insurance differs depending on the insurance company.