Nishizuka presented in the evant by the “Esophageal Cancer Suvivor’s Share Rings” foundation. Link1 Link2 Link3

OTS-Probes are now commercially available. Details here.

A movie from 3rd online seminar for crowdfunding is up.

Nishizuka will present at a digital PCR web seminar by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Registration is here.

A consumer website is now open for OTS-Probes (RUO).

Quantdetect, Inc. received “Mitsubishi Estate Company, Ltd. Award” for Nikkei Start-Pitch Japan.

The Delegation of the French Cancer Institute (INCa) including President Dr. Norbert Ifrah visited the Quantdetect Headquaters in Tokyo. Thank you very much for great discussion with respect to potential contribution of OTS-Assay for cancer patient healthcare.

Nishizuka will give a talk in a Corporate Seminar at Liquid Biopsy 2023 at Keio Plaza Hotel on Jan 28, 2023, entitled “Cancer treatment monitoring with circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) using a digital PCR probe library”.

Youtube interview is up! Please check as well podcast  and crowdfunding site by Securite . Thank Securite for all arrangements!