Proundly held an exhibition booth at Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum 2024 (CNAPS2024), Graz, Austria.

The Ph.D. thesis paper using the OTS-Probes by Masakazu Abe, M.D. was introduced in Hokkaido Iryou Shinbun.

With Professor Catherine Aliz-Panabieres (The University of Montpellier), Nishizuka visited the Embassy of France in Tokyo.

QD sponsored a Joint Symposium with European Liquid Biopsy Society in 8th Liquid Biopsy Meeting (Tokyo).

Nishizuka gave a talk at Sendai Open Hospital.

Nishizuka gave an introductory talk at Thermo Fisher Scientific Genetic Solutions Tour Taiwan 2023 for the OTS-Assay.

The Delegation of the French Cancer Institute (INCa) including President Dr. Norbert Ifrah visited the Quantdetect Headquaters in Tokyo. Thank you very much for great discussion with respect to potential contribution of OTS-Assay for cancer patient healthcare.